<em>Ali, the Walking Gaiter</em>

Ali, the walking Green Valley Gaiter

Welcome to the Green Valley Gaiters Home Page

<em>GVG Walkers starting on a group walk</em>

GVG Walkers starting on a Group Walk

<em>Walkers on a GVG group walk in Big Bear</em>

Walkers on a GVG group walk in Big Bear

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Do you like walking for pleasure or fitness then the...

American Volkssport Association (AVA)
-- is for you! --

The Green Valley Gaiters (GVG) is a chapter of the AVA. We serve parts of the Southern California Inland Empire including San Bernardino mountain areas, Banning Pass, Moreno Valley and Western Riverside County

The AVA and our club's emphasis is on

Fun, Fitness and Friendship

"Come walk with us"

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