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About Volkswalking and the AVA

What is a Volkswalk? A Volkswalk is a walk at your own pace along a pre-marked route. It is a non-competitive, non-timed event, intended to provide fun and fitness for you, your family, and your friends!
Volkssports, or people sports, originated in post-war Germany, and is now enjoyed around he world.

The AVA is the American club which is affiliated with the international club, The International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV)

There are three types of walks:

A Scheduled Event is an AVA sanctioned 5K and 10K walking event that normally takes place on a Saturday and Sunday, or any other specific date.

A Year Round Event (YRE) is an AVA sanctioned walk that can be walked any day of the year. Walkers go to a starting point (usually a local merchant), sign-in, pick up a map and walking instructions and do the walk on their own.

A Seasonal Event is like a YRE, but is open less than a full calendar year. (Be sure to check dates on seasonal events).

Participants can walk for IVV-AVA credit ($3), walk for free and if available, can purchase a club commerative-walking award for an additional small cost.

There are a number of special event programs available to make a volkswalk more interesting (go to the Special Events Program website for more informationon)

You can find out more about Volkssporting at the AVA website www.ava.org.