<em>Ali, the Walking Gaiter</em>

Ali, the walking Green Valley Gaiter


Start and Finish point of a volkswalk

Our club, the "Green Valley Gaiters" is based in Calimesa, California which is in the Inland Empire of beautiful Southern California.

We have six local YRE walks: Two walks in Redlands, one walk in Cherry Valley, another in Crestline (Lake Gregory) and two walks in Big Bear.

We try to do a minimum of three week-end scheduled walking events per year.

We have a club meeting on the second Wednesday of each month (except July and August). We meet at Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Calimesa*. We gather at 6:30 for dinner, and start our meeting at 7:00. Everyone is welcome.
*(Bob's Big Boy restaurant is located directly south of the Calimesa off ramp of the I-10 Fwy).

To join our club, click here for the membership application

"Come walk with us"