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Ali, the walking Green Valley Gaiter

Green Valley Gaiters Year Round Walks

Tehachapi Loop

Techachapi Loop Plaque

Tehachapi Loop

Distance: 11K and 6K

Description: The walk is on a rural rustic paved road. It passes many oak trees and rolling hills. The hills and elevation of approximately 3,000 feet make the walk difficult for individuals with health concerns. The walk will view one of the seven wanders of the railroad world - the "Tehachapi Loop" which is still an active train route.

Rating: Both walks are rated 3C.

Special Programs: U.S. Post Offices, and Walking the USA A - Z

Special Instructions: Leashed pets are allowed. Strollers and wheelchairs not allowed

Starting Point: REMOTE REGISTRATION ONLY. You must contact the POC to register for this walk. Send a signed start card with a check for $3.00 for each walker plus $1.00 for postage (made out to Green Valley Gaiters [GVG]) Maps, directions and insert cards will be mailed or emailed to your. Mail to Bob Gebo, 14786 Perham Dr., Moreno Valley, CA 92553-3650. Email robertgebo@aol.com or call 951-924-2208 for more information.

Driving Directions: Directions will be mailed to you after registering for this event.

Awards & Fees: IVV Credit Only ($3.00) or can walk free

Trailmaster: For more information, contact Bob Gebo at (951) 924-2208 or email at robertgebo@aol.com