<em>Ali, the Walking Gaiter</em>

Ali, the walking
Green Valley Gaiter


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Apple Valley Volkswalk, October 12. 2013

Early morning - - setting up for the Apple Valley walking event.

"Good Luck Ladies." Apple Valley - Sun City Lifestyle Director Grace Marin posing with Clara and Terry

From the Low Desert Roadrunners club, Sue Obradovitz and Jean Neumann. From the Laguna Turf 'N Surf club, Barb Christensen, Sherry Colvin and Fargo.

After the walk, participants were invited to an Arts and Crafts show in the clubhouse.

Clara Petrosky and Terry Cappello are all set up and ready for the arrival of our walkers.

... and here they are; coming from all parts of California

Here's Barb and Sherry with Fargo telling them "enough with the pictures, lets go..."

The dessert stand was a popular stopping off place after the walk.